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From Psychology to Accounting

from psychology to accounting

My name is Marvellous Apreku, and this is the story of my unconventional career path. It started with a psychology degree and a leap of faith into the world of accounting at SCG Audit. The journey has been hard and filled with growth and valuable lessons. After graduating from the University of Cape Coast, I […]

Is Gen Z something else?

gen z

Heard at a function I was at a professional accounting function recently. When the discussion turned to the youth, some comments were: As for the youth these days, they are something else. It’s like they know nothing. You must teach them basic things. They want to be a CFO at 25. They are unreliable. That […]

To Issue Accurate Financial Statements, You Need a Close Process

Financial statements provide useful financial information about the reporting entity to existing and potential investors, lenders, and other creditors for decision making. As a financial statement captures the financial effect of all activities carried out in the business, the accountant must coordinate with different parts of the business to get accurate and timely information to […]

Navigating Withholding Tax Audits

SCG Chartered Accountants recently held a webinar titled “Navigating Withholding Tax Audits”. The presenters discussed: Common issues that arise from Withholding Tax Audits. Challenges faced by taxpayers Ways to stay compliant. Below is a summary of the discussion. Common Issues Failure to withhold from payments made to third parties Application of wrong rates, especially payments […]

Excel or Accounting Software, Which Accounting Tool Should I Use?

There are two groups where this question rages: start-ups and businesses which do not invest in the tools their accountants need. Start-ups At start-up, the priority of the business is to find clients and generate the cash they need to invest and grow the business. The business is small, and the owners run the business […]

Are Ghanaian Businesses Making The Most Of Their Accounting Software Investments? Part-2

We are discussing common issue we find, as we apply data analytics tools to our audits, that suggest that Ghanaian businesses are not getting good returns from their investments in an accounting software. In part 1, we discussed observation on systems configuration. In this article we discuss security, information technology skills and data issue we […]

Are Ghanaian Businesses Making The Most Of Their Accounting System Investments? (Part One)

We suspect that Ghanaian companies are probably not getting optimal returns from their accounting systems investment. The findings of our data team confirm our suspicions. In 2019, we made data analysis an essential part of our audit process, re-engineered our audit process and deployed data analytical tools such as MindBridge AI and CaseWare IDEA. On […]

What Can a Good Accountant Do for Your Small Business?

Many business owners do not know what an accountant can for their business, so end up not getting the most from their accountant. There are bad accountants, but a good one will help you run your business with clarity and confidence. If your accountant is going through the motions of pushing papers, then you may […]

Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

During the lockdown, businesses could not work because they did not have tech tools suitable for working offsite. The experience drove home a reality of today; without computerizing your business, you cannot compete. Many businesses plan to install tech tools so their staff can work from any location. Cloud computing gives small businesses a cost-effective […]

Ghanian Accountants, Our SMEs Need You to up Your Game

GHANAIAN ACCOUNTANTS, OUR SMES NEED YOU TO UP YOUR GAME “It is important to get an insight into business in times like these to make the right decisions” – Abdul Kalmoni, CEO of PC Trucks. PC Trucks use XERO, a cloud accounting software. Mr. Kalmoni came to us because he was not getting reliable information […]