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Do You Want Efficient Tax Audits? Use Data Tools

Tax management is a perfect place to exploit the potentials of data analytics because tax involves examining transaction data. Data analytics can help the tax professional cut the time spent performing time-consuming manual processes. So, he can spend his time on analysis and delivering insights for tax management. It enables company leaders to find trends […]

Navigating Withholding Tax Audits

SCG Chartered Accountants recently held a webinar titled “Navigating Withholding Tax Audits”. The presenters discussed: Common issues that arise from Withholding Tax Audits. Challenges faced by taxpayers Ways to stay compliant. Below is a summary of the discussion. Common Issues Failure to withhold from payments made to third parties Application of wrong rates, especially payments […]

Common Pain Points that Come Up in a Tax Audit

In 2019, the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) begun aggressively auditing companies. That posture will not change soon. Expect an tax audit at some point. The auditors approach the audit with an attitude – to raise the maximum amount of taxes. If you don’t know the law and don’t have enough documentation, you may end up […]