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10 Frequently Asked Questions About GRA Tax Audits

GRA tax audits

This blog answers common questions that people ask about tax audits. 1. What is a tax audit? A tax audit is an examination of a taxpayer’s financial records and tax returns by the GRA to ensure that the taxpayer has accurately reported their income, deductions, and credits and complied with tax laws and regulations. 2. […]

Withholding Tax Challenges: What You Can Do To Mitigate?

If you have ever dealt with Ghana’s withholding tax system, you know it a costly and hassle filled experience! If you do not know what withholding tax is, and what to expect after they withhold taxes, you are in for a painful experience. In this blog, we discuss the withholding challenges, and what you can […]

Common Pain Points that Come Up in a Tax Audit

In 2019, the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) begun aggressively auditing companies. That posture will not change soon. Expect an tax audit at some point. The auditors approach the audit with an attitude – to raise the maximum amount of taxes. If you don’t know the law and don’t have enough documentation, you may end up […]

Tax Implications of Changing Your Accounting Year

A company’s accounting year is the period for which it prepares its annual financial statements. It must consistently prepare its financial statements to that date. This enables users of financial statements to compare performance between years. Changing your accounting year has tax implications. It poses problems such as gaps or overlaps in income taxed. The […]


The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) finds that many companies do not file transfer pricing return. If you do not file transfer pricing returns you will pay a penalty. Yet, many people are unaware of the Transfer Pricing Regulation. Others are aware but unsure whether they must file such returns. In this article we show who […]