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Ghana Effective tax rates for 2021

Effective Tax Rates for 2021 Tax Year

To help your business stay compliant, we have put together the approved tax rates applicable for 2021 tax year for easy reference.

Should you require more guidance, send us an email, or call and speak to our friendly tax team.

Keep up-to-date with your Tax Requirements


We understand that the word ‘tax’ can bring about stress and anxiety, so we’ve put together a list of resources to help you understand the concept better. We'll help you to be compliant and to be aware of all the important tax dates and tax changes. Should you need more guidance at any time, send us an email or call us to chat to our friendly team.

Learn about Employer and Employee Obligations under the National Pensions Act 2008, Act 766

The Ghana Pensions Act 766 places obligations on both employers and employees of Ghanaian businesses. However, the burden of compliance rests solely with the employer, as the employee typically has no option to opt out unless he or she is over  55 years of age.


Ethics and the future of the Accounting Profession in Ghana


Accounting is important for the development of any society. We cannot build significant businesses, or manage a country without high quality accounting, auditing and financial management. For that, you need a competent and vibrant profession, that operates to high ethical and professional standards.

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