Get the support you need to

build and grow
a profitable business in Ghana

To build a long lasting successful business you need timely and trusted support from accountants who understand what you’re trying to achieve.

About You

A domestic or international business looking to grow in Ghana

You have from 5 to 100 employees

You want to run your business on systems

You value the support of an accountant and good financial information

You want to use technology to run an efficient business

Build a meaningful business for the life you want

When you are worrying about your finances and taxes and you don’t have the right accounting information, it is hard to make decisions in your best interest.

When you have all the accounting bases covered, you can make informed decisions in pursuit of your definition of growth.


We’re with you for the whole journey

Our mission is to help our clients improve and grow, and to see them succeed long term.

We will help you think about the future, and build a business that adapts to change.

We take time to understand your business, paying attention to your goals

We offer solutions based on understanding your goals, your business, the problem you want to solve and the resources you have.

We help you figure out what you need to get to the next level




Make sense of the numbers and take control with solid foundations in place as your business grows.




We provide a thought process, helping you improve your systems with our advice and recommendations.




Be confident in remaining compliant by working in partnership with our payroll department.




Be assured that you are compliant and plan your taxes

What it looks like when you work with us:

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    You fill in the form to book a meeting

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    We meet your team to discuss your needs

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    We take time to understand your business, uncover the challenges you are facing and discover how we can help

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    Based on our understanding of your needs, we put together a proposal

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    On accepting the proposal, we sign an agreement

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    We do the work and communicate as we go to make sure you’re getting all the support you need

Our values

We base our actions and decisions on these values.

Thinking ahead

We live in a changing world so it’s important to look ahead. Our team are prepared for the future – they work out what skills they need and take action to address the circumstances they might meet in the future.

Seek to do things right

We continuously strive to do the best we can and don’t stop. We aim for higher standards at all times.

Taking responsibility

Taking responsibility for one’s development, for ensuring that one strives towards high standards in performance.

Lifelong learning

Our team has a burning ambition to learn; they ask questions, they reflect on the answer they get and they look for ways to put the concept into practice.

Continuous improvement

We work hard at continually making things better. With expertise and experience, you will reach new heights too.

Get a dedicated accounting team on your side

Your peace of mind matters to us.

We’re all about sharing our knowledge with you.
Read our blog for answers to your business and accounting questions.