About Us

Client focused, value driven, technology enabled

We set SCG Chartered Accountants up with one central mission: to help you build sound accounting systems, controls, and use good quality financial information to manage your business.

Good financial information, controls, and the ability to use financial information are key to growing a business. The services we provide—audit, tax, accounting, and payroll services are all geared towards improving the quality of your financial information and helping you manage with the numbers. You can be confident in our ability to provide you with:



We will always offer suggestions based around your business, and we’ll always be open to discussion on the issues you are facing.


Tech focused solutions

Xero comes as standard with our service, allowing you to get your accounting running smoothly as your business grows.


A partnership

We strive to build a long-lasting partnership with you, helping you to establish your finance function, systems and then the numbers.

Your Business Growth

You want to be assured that you are staying compliant and managing your business effectively. You want control over the processes, knowing that initial issues aren’t going to lead to further problems with your numbers. You want high quality financial and business management.

We’re here to work with you, to help grow your business through the different stages, to help you organise your accounting and help you make meaning of the numbers.

We want to be your business growth partner, working with you on an ongoing basis to grow your business.

This means we work best with those who want to:

It’s important to us that you’re ready for action from the very beginning, and want to build your business to the next level whilst being ethical and transparent.

When you’re open to discussion on the issues you are facing, we can offer suggestions and implement these ideas.

Working with us means that you are seeking growth, are ready to take your business to new limits, and progress your business away from the problems you’re facing.

If you’re not willing to explore and apply new systems and technology into your business, then you won’t keep control. New systems can dramatically enhance your business and improve your business’ profitability.


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