Audits can be incredibly useful for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Their primary function is to provide outside parties (investors, lenders, regulators, suppliers, customers, and others) with additional confidence in your company’s financial statements.

For management audits are useful in drawing attention to risk, control and compliance issues that can affect the business’s ability achieve its operation, reporting and compliance objectives.

By working with SCG, you’ll have confidence your financial statement audit is carried out by a team authorised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Ghana. You'll get the benefit of our observations on risk, control and compliance issues

All our auditors comply with the relevant auditing and ethic standards, and other regulations.

Our Audit Services


Statutory financial statements audits


Assurance and agreed upon procedures


Internal control reviews


Internal audit services

How we Work

Our approach to an audit has been designed to ensure that, in addition to providing an opinion on the financial statements, we can provide analysis and recommendations to further improve your business.

The audit process can be summarized in seven phases:


  • Preliminary engagement activities – We perform activities to decide whether to accept the engagement
  • Plan the audit – We develop an overall audit strategy and audit plan
  • Perform risk assessment procedures – We gather information on the entity to enable us to identify/assess the risk of material misstatement
  • Design overall responses and further audit procedures – We develop appropriate responses to the risks identified in phase 3
  • Implement the responses to assessed risks of material misstatement
  • Evaluate the audit evidence obtained
  • Prepare the auditor’s reports and management letter – We prepare an opinion on the financial statements and issue management letter. The management letter contains our observations and recommendations to those charged with governance (the board, management or owner)

We Use the Best Technology

We use the auditing software CaseWare to perform audits in compliance with International Standards on Auditing and International Financial Reporting Standards.

These auditing tools help us to provide you with a quality audit and ensure delivery of services that meet your important reporting deadlines.

We Add Value Throughout

As part of our approach we seek answers to the specific question of what value we add to the client business through the audit. The emphasis we place on the value add enables us to identify and recommend business and control measures which enhances the ongoing operation of your business.

We Provide Auditing Services for a Range of Clients

Clients range from locally owned small businesses and professional firms to subsidiaries of multinational firms.

Benefits of an Audit

As we obtain detailed knowledge of the business and operations of the entity being audited, we can provide valuable advice that may lead to improvements in the operations of the entity

We may also make recommendations to management on ways to improve internal controls to ensure accurate reporting and guard against fraudulent activities

We may draw attention to non-compliance with relevant laws that may have significant impact on the business

Arrange Your Audit Today

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