You are the next generation of accountants, and you’re on your way to developing your career in a world where technology is slowly rendering accounting jobs obsolete and accountants are expected to actively partner with business.

These considerations have helped lay the foundations for our staff and could help you build a successful career! Joining our team means you would have access to training and development to help carry out your job effectively, and if you understand the values that matter to us and have a passion for what you do, you’re a perfect fit.

About You

We’re looking for staff who are ready to advance their career and have the following attributes:

A purpose in life, or are seeking to clarifying their purpose in life.

A burning ambition to learn, ask questions and reflect on the answer.

Persistence in the face of real challenges, and willing to not give up easily.

Are working to develop their analytical and problem-solving skills.

Willing to take responsibility for their development and strive towards high standards of performance.

Are not afraid to try things out or make mistakes.

Believe in integrity and ethical behaviour.

Daring to be different, but also daring to do things right.

Find out more about our expert team

Our team at SCG reviewed the companies 2018 regional performance during a Staff Durbar at Cleaver house recently. The purpose was to look at the mission & vision of the company, to focus on the people (our greatest assets) of SCG, to review the financial performance, and to ensure that our technology is advanced enough to take on 2019. It was a very successful and productive day and we look forward to what 2019 brings.

We require a bond as part of our conditions of employment

Your Options for Development

On the job training

Our team will make a conscious effort to identify opportunities for you to learn on the job

Company training

Your training would be led by an assigned individual, with in-house courses ran by external facilitators.

Short courses, conferences and seminars

We work with various professional bodies, industry groups and other organisations who are regularly conducting conferences and seminars

Are you interested?

We always encourage candidates to look towards advancing their career and so we welcome applications for training and development.

Send us your CV as well as a Cover Letter explaining why you would be a great fit for the team.

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