ACCA Approved Employer Program – Gold

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ACCC Approved employer

SCG Chartered Accountants is an *ACCA Approved Employer. ACCA approved us for the “Gold” category which focuses on trainee development. 

In this blog, I discuss our rationale for joining the scheme, what it enables us to do and some things we are doing to improve learning and development in the firm.

We see our future as a multidisciplinary firm providing a range of services beyond audit and tax. So, we will look for programs that will enable us to execute our strategy.

Our rationale 

The professional accounting organisation one certifies with is an important career decision. The factors we consider in deciding which certification we support are:

  • Quality of the certification and support for students
  • Support for sustaining a career.
  • Future readiness.

Quality of certification

ACCA is a global professional accounting body. It provides a variety of learning resources and support for its student.

Its students must meet the Practical Experience Requirement (PER) to become a member. PER are skill objectives that the student must show he has achieved. We give people opportunities to develop skills to meet the requirements. 

The firm’s qualified accountants can act as PER supervisors. The PER supervisor meets periodically with the student to discuss progress and challenges. 

When the employee completes a performance objective, the PER supervisor signs off to confirm that the student has met the objective.

Support for sustaining a career

I have access to a variety of resources and that has enabled me to sustain a long career. You need access to learning and training resources, methodologies, and guides throughout your career to stay relevant. 

The ACCA provides a variety of resources to support its members. Some are free and others paid. The resources include training courses, guides, and methodologies. Availability of resources makes it easy for one to stay abreast and develop skills.

Future readiness

Technology, globalisation, regulations, and environmental issues are driving change in the accountants’ work and the skills he will require in the future.

ACCA publishes reports on technology, careers, skills of the future, and sustainability. They also provide courses and a variety of certifications to enable one to prepare for the future.

We use their research finding and training resource to determine what we should do, and to prepare people for the future.

What are our obligations under the program?

  • The employer ensures that ACCA trainees working in the organisation are aware of ACCA’s Practical Experience Requirements (PER).
  • Practical Experience Supervisors are appropriately qualified to sign off Performance Objectives, and they review practical experience with ACCA trainees at least once every 12 months.
  • The employer provides ACCA trainees with opportunities to complete a range of activities that fulfil ACCA’s performance objectives.
  • Provide trainees with study support–support for learning and exam and granting study leave.
  • The employer reviews trainee’s exam progress at least once every 12 months.
  • Trainees and their Practical Experience Supervisors are aware of the importance of ethnics and professionalism in the workplace.

Our L&D plans

We are organising our learning and development programs. We will:

  • define competencies and provide learning resources for every position in the firm.
  • make career discussions a regular part of the discussions between the manager and his subordinates.
  • shift the discussion and focus on skill.

Accounting provides different career opportunities. We encourage aspiring Ghanaian accountants to seek opportunities beyond audit. 

George Katako

*ACCA – Association of Chartered Certified Accountants