Client Accounting Services

Outsourced Accounting, Tailored to Your Business Needs

Our outsourced client accounting services save small and medium-sized businesses the cost and hassle of organising and supervising an in-house accounting team. You get access to a pool of experienced professionals, and it’s often cheaper, more efficient and more flexible than hiring in-house staff.

The service is tailored to your situation, so we can offer as much, or as little support as required.

Our Accounting Services

Included in our basic service, we:


Lay the building block of an accounting system – we help you define and streamline your accounting processes. As part of this we help you implement basic internal controls to strengthen your accounting functions.


Digitize your accounts using Xero, the world’s leading cloud accounting software.



Process your accounting data, carrying out all necessary activities to ensure your accounts are accurate. Because we use a cloud accounting software, you have access to your data 24/7, anywhere in the world.


Generate agreed reports at agreed intervals and periodically meet with you to discuss these.


File your VAT and withholding tax returns on the due date.

You also have the option of adding the following services:

  • Xero add-on setup – We implement Xero’s add-on software to digitize your business processes.
  • Bill processing and payment – We manage and process your bills for payment (requires online banking).
  • Financial analysis – This involves analyzing your financial statements and identifying opportunities to improve your finances.
  • Budgeting and planning – We help you develop a budget and put plans in place to support your short and long-term business growth.
  • Payroll – We take care of your payroll on your behalf.

How We Work

At SCG, we like to keep things simple.

We begin by seeking to understand your business objectives, before identifying your information needs and your accounting, tax, and financial management issues.

Next, we propose our tailored solution. Once agreed, we then assign a dedicated team to work closely with you to fulfil your compliance and business requirements.

Benefits of Working with Us


1. Technology

We invest in technology, so you can leverage our understanding and expertise without spending money on infrastructure.


2. Time

Gain more time to do what matters to you and your customers by eliminating time- consuming management accounting functions.


3. Improve decision making

Understand what is happening in your business and make better business decisions by accessing relevant and up-to-date financial data.


4. Support

You get more than an accounting system and accurate numbers; you also get advice and support to help scale up and grow your business.

We Can Transform your Business Systems and Processes, Just Like Strat-Afrique

Strat-Afrique Ghana Ltd. has been a client of SCG Payroll Solutions since 2009.

Before 2016, SCG provided an after the fact bookkeeping service. This was deficient in a number of ways and the client made decisions without a true understanding of its financial position and performance.

SCG set them up on Xero and trained the administrative staff. They created standard procedures and integrated existing information into Xero allowing the company to get a hold of their accounting, and improve the basis for decision making and compliance with tax laws.

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