Outsourced Payroll Services

Save Time, Save Money, and Stay Compliant with SCG’s Outsourced Payroll Services

Payroll is a critical business function. And when carried out poorly, it can hurt your business through poor staff morale, and by creating problems with the Ghana Revenue Authorities.

For a small business, outsourcing payroll is a viable and cost-effective solution that saves time and allows you to comply with strict tax laws.

Since 2009, we have helped many businesses, both local and international, with payroll. We have acquired a deep knowledgeo of Ghana labour and tax laws, and developed the systems required to deliver effective payroll services.

Our Payroll Services


Calculation of payroll and production of related payroll reports


Filing payroll related statutory returns


Making statutory and salary payments on behalf of clients


Acting on clients’ behalf in dealing with the tax authorities and pension fund managers on payroll issues


Advising clients of laws and regulations that affect payroll processing, and how best to comply with the relevant laws

How We Work

Our Process


In the early stages of our engagement, we seek to understand your pay and benefits structure, and the extent to which your existing payroll is compliant with the various payroll rules.


We define and agree the relevant data required for set up and monthly routine processing.


We agree how data and reports will be sent.


We also agree the standard reports and custom payroll reports that we should deliver.

Throughout our working relationship, we will make extensive use of modern technology to efficiently process and deliver payroll reports.

As a Xero Silver partner our expert team can support you with integrating this powerful tool and transforming your business

5 Benefits of Our Payroll Services


1. Compliance

We keep you compliant with all payroll-related laws.


2. Cost-effective

Payroll personnel, computer and software costs (which individually are significant) are spread over several clients, and that enables us to provide payroll services much cheaper than an in-house payroll unit.


3. Confidentiality

Using an external provider reduces the problems that arise because in-house payrolls are not completely confidential.


4. Communication

We handle relations and resolve problems with the various statutory bodies.


5. Collaboration

We assist you with audits by the various regulators.

We Can Save You Thousands, Just Like Adehyeman Savings and Loans

Adehyeman Savings and Loans has been a client of SCG Payroll Solutions since 2008.

They were subjected to a payroll audit by the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) between November and December 2017. The audit covered the period Jan 2015 to July 2017.

SCG’s specialized payroll team was able to keep Adehyeman compliant and guide them through their payroll audit, saving them thousands of cedis in back tax claims in the process.

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