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On a Career Journey Without a Map

This year we started career discussions in SCG Chartered Accountants. The initial focus is on people at different stages of the certification exams, but we will make it an annual practice across the firm. We have discussed careers with 10 people at various stages of the certification exams. The areas we covered in the discussions […]

When Is Your Foreign Business Taxable in Ghana?

Your foreign business is taxable in Ghana when you have a permanent establishment in Ghana. When an entity does business across borders, it must deal with how the countries in which it operates will tax the income it makes. Countries regulate the right to tax through Double Tax Agreements (DTAs). To tax a foreign entity, […]

The Economy is Tough: This is How Your Business Can Survive

The Government of Ghana went to the IMF and signaled that the economy is struggling. We are in for a prolonged period of economic difficulty. Inflation is high, the cedi is falling, and prices keep going up. Running a business in this environment can be very challenging. So, what can you do to your improve […]

How to File a Monthly PAYE Returns

Employers must file monthly PAYE returns and make tax payment by the 15th of the subsequent month. Failure to file and pay Tax by the due date attracts a penalty of GHC 500 and a further penalty of GHC10 for each day that the tax is overdue. Procedure to file PAYE Returns Visit the website […]

How to File Company Income Tax on the GRA Portal

1. Visit 2. Login with your TIN and Password. 3. Click on File Your Returns.   4. Select FILE RETURN. This will give you a dropdown of all the tax types. 5. Select Company Income Tax Return to file CIT. 6. Fill in the Return Form with the financial details for the period. These […]


What’s our purpose? Our purpose is to use our knowledge in our area of expertise to provide solutions to businesses. Work context According to the ACCA, the principal forces driving change in the twenties are digitization, regulation, and stakeholder expectation. Stakeholders expect more business oriented and forward-looking information. At SCG, we accept these forces bring […]

How Ghanaian Businesses Can Prevent Occupational

We held a webinar on May 25, 2021, on how Ghanaian SMEs can prevent occupational fraud. Here is summary of the discussion. Ghanaian SMEs face increasing risk of occupational fraud because of our current business and economic environment. Occupational fraud is using one’s occupation to make personal gains through deliberate misuse or misapplication of the […]

Why You Need a Financial Close Plan

If you struggle to issue timely financial statements, or your financial statement falls apart under scrutiny, you need a financial close process and a close plan. In the blog titled You need a close-process, we discussed the financial close process, and gave examples of close activities. To close the books accurately and on time, a […]

IFRS 15 – Revenue from Contract with Customers: The Five Step Model?

IFRS 15 – Revenue from Contracts with Customers (IFRS 15), which became effective from 1 January 2018, makes significant changes to accounting for revenue. In this article we highlight the fundamental changes introduced by IFRS 15 and use a case to show the steps in determining revenue. When is Revenue Recognized? An entity recognizes revenue […]