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A framework for managing risks in your business


Businesses put a lot of effort into growing their business. As they plan and execute their strategies, they presume that all will go well and hardly think about risk, what can go wrong and negatively affect their plan. As “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”, the chances that risk will hinder achieving your […]

How Ghanaian Businesses Can Prevent Occupational

We held a webinar on May 25, 2021, on how Ghanaian SMEs can prevent occupational fraud. Here is summary of the discussion. Ghanaian SMEs face increasing risk of occupational fraud because of our current business and economic environment. Occupational fraud is using one’s occupation to make personal gains through deliberate misuse or misapplication of the […]

How to Create Conditions for Strong Controls in Your Business

From our audits, we find that many Ghanaian companies have poor internal controls especially with regards to their IT systems. Internal control is a means for getting a hold of your business. You risk surprises if you have poor controls. Good internal controls just don’t happen, they need a conducive environment. So, what can the […]

How Financial Statement Audits are Performed.

Introduction A business carries out several transactions in a year. How are auditors able to audit businesses and issue opinions? How do we perform financial statement audits? I’ll take you on a short tour of how auditors perform financial statement audits. Taking the time to understand how financial statement audits are performed helps you get […]

Dreading your annual audit? Don’t!

There’s no denying, an audit can be a hassle. But it doesn’t have to be. And yes, it can throw up the odd unpleasant surprise – but in reality, it shouldn’t. So, how can you take the surprises and the hassle out of your annual audit? It’s simple: Be prepared. Want to learn how? Read […]

What is the main objective of a financial statement audit?

Did the auditors sleep on the job? Did they collude with the management? Can we even trust auditors? Ghanaians have been asking such questions ever since the Bank of Ghana withdrew the licenses of five banks. So, to better judge the work of an auditor, you must: Understand the objectives the auditor seeks to achieve. […]