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What Can a Good Accountant Do for Your Small Business?

Many business owners do not know what an accountant can for their business, so end up not getting the most from their accountant. There are bad accountants, but a good one will help you run your business with clarity and confidence. If your accountant is going through the motions of pushing papers, then you may […]

After the Crisis: Enhancing Our Audit Approach to Build Trust

We have a crisis of confidence in audits in Ghana. That audits matter hit home when some banks failed, and the Bank of Ghana stepped in to rescue the weak banks. The public asked, “where were the auditors”? “Can we trust our auditors”? We are acting to make sure you can count on our audits. […]


I made a profit but where did the cash go? This is the surprised reaction when you make a profit but have no cash to show for it. You pay bills with cash and not profit. So, whilst you’ve made a profit, you may not pay your bills on time and your business struggles. Why […]

Building A Career Is Like Building A Skyscraper

Looking back on my 38 years as an accountant, the years I’ve spent building my career is a little like building a skyscraper. Today, I am the result of choices, experiences, and the trials of life. I – and my career – didn’t just happen. Why a Skyscraper? Think of what goes into building a […]

Payroll challenges? Consider outsourcing

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that when you employ someone, you are obliged to pay them. And you would think that would be a relatively straightforward proposition, but it’s not. Immediately, you have an additional obligation to calculate, withhold and pay taxes and pension contributions. Failure to do so has consequences under law – […]

Do you know which business records to keep, and why?

Maintaining good records is essential for every business. And keeping those records is a legal requirement that, depending on your jurisdiction, you will be obliged to do for a specified period of time. But you shouldn’t just maintain records to meet legal requirements. Having accurate records can also help you do the following: ✓ Prepare […]