From Psychology to Accounting

from psychology to accounting

My name is Marvellous Apreku, and this is the story of my unconventional career path. It started with a psychology degree and a leap of faith into the world of accounting at SCG Audit. The journey has been hard and filled with growth and valuable lessons.

After graduating from the University of Cape Coast, I completed my National Service program at GBFoods Ghana. While unsure of my next step, I sought opportunities and persevered through several rejections.

I joined the SCG work experience program as a payroll intern in 2022. What started as an internship led to a role in the Human Resources department, where I now support Learning and Development (L&D) initiatives.

Stepping into a dynamic accounting firm with a background in psychology presented a steep learning curve. But I embraced the challenges as a chance to learn and grow.

Navigating challenges

Imagine being the only one in a room full of accountants with a psychology degree. That was me! I had to overcome hurdles such as deciphering financial jargon, payroll laws, and using specialized software.

To cope, I spoke about my background and expressed my eagerness to learn. My supervisors were very supportive, providing guidance and answering my questions. I also sought and took online courses to grasp the fundamentals.

My other challenge was feeling out of place. The initial isolation from colleagues using a different professional language was hard, but I used my psychology expertise to understand their personalities and build rapport. My unique perspective also brought fresh ideas to the table. I learned to appreciate the value of my psychology background and embraced the challenges as opportunities to expand my skill set.

Growth and development

I’ve developed valuable skills that transcend a typical accounting role. The fast-paced environment instilled in me a strong sense of organization, allowing me to juggle tasks, prioritize, and meet deadlines. Working with colleagues and suppliers from diverse backgrounds helped me to hone my communication skills. I learned to tailor explanations and translate complex policies into clear and concise language.

During my time in the payroll unit, my supervisors assigned me topics in Excel to explore and teach my team through presentations. Giving regular Excel training presentations not only improved my proficiency, but it also enhanced my public speaking skills. This experience highlighted prizing communication across the board.

On an unexpected path

Psychology and accounting may seem at opposite ends of the spectrum, yet my experience proves otherwise. The focus on numbers and diligence in accounting seemed far removed from the world of human behavior, but this unique pairing has been useful. Analyzing payroll data and identifying trends gave me a lens to understand human behavior. It broadened my perspective and honed my analytical skills.

Psychology also proved useful in a communication-heavy environment. My understanding of diverse communication styles enabled me to grasp complex payroll information from clients. Bridging the gap between numbers and people became a core strength, enabling me to communicate with my team.

Embracing the unexpected

I have learned invaluable lessons about navigating my career. While passions are important, you must be open to exploring uncharted territories that seem far removed from your passion. Unexpected opportunities can lead to fulfilling careers. The key is adaptability, embracing challenges, and learning. My journey from psychology to the diverse roles I play at SCG Chartered Accountants is a testimony.

Lessons learned on an unexpected path

My path from psychology to accounting is one of learning and growth. It’s opened my eyes to the connection between disparate fields. Here are my key takeaways:

  • Transferable skills
    Don’t underestimate your existing skillset. Communication, critical thinking, and analytical skills are transferable skills. They are invaluable in any field.
  • Embrace new challenges
    When you step outside your comfort zone, you can make surprising discoveries. Embrace new opportunities, even if they seem far removed from your initial goals.
  • Communication
    Communicating complex information clearly and in simple language is crucial for success. It bridges the gap between numbers and people.


from psychology to accounting

My story is a testimony to the power of embracing the unexpected. You do not have a predestined career path. You must find and make them. Don’t be afraid to explore uncharted territories, seek growth opportunities, and meet challenges with resilience.

You can find fulfilling careers in unexpected places. So, take a deep breath, embrace the unknown, and embark on your exciting career adventure!

Marvellous Apreku