SCG Work Experience Internship: Our Impressions

wex program


We took part in the SCG Chartered Accountants 2023 Work Experience Program (WEX). The WEX is a 9-to-12-month internship program. The 13 of us on the program worked in the audit, data, HR, payroll, accounting services and finance unit of the firm. To give the management of SCG feedback on our experience, we surveyed our colleagues. 

Overall, the 2023 WEX interns characterized their experiences as enlightening, challenging, and fulfilling.

We present a summary of responses from our colleagues on the various of questions. 


What aspects of the firm and the program stood out to you the most?


SCG’s embrace of a growth mindset. They believe that a person’s abilities aren’t innate but can improve through effort, learning, and persistence. This had a big impact on us.

The partners and managers encouraged us to learn, do, and improve. An intern said, “George insists you start imperfectly and improve continuously. This helped me to persevere when I faced challenges and remain receptive to knowledge”. 

Access to training and resources – we received job-specific training, had career discussions, and access to resources like software and laptops. 

We worked on jobs that allowed us to apply theory and interact with clients. The hands-on training helped us gain professional exposure. 

The program was well organized, the managers set clear expectations, and the supervisors dealt promptly with any problems that came up. 

One intern shared that her manager clearly communicated the job details and requirements. 


What were your initial expectations for the program, and how did the overall experience live up to them?


At the start of the internship, the managers set clear expectations and defined responsibilities for interns and the firm, respectively. 

We had hands-on experience and opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge to actual engagements.

“The program lived to the promise to be a learning journey. I gained practical training and feel more confident performing tasks now.”

The program met our expectations. We developed various skills and learned about how to build a sustainable career.


How effectively did you adjust to your role as an intern, and did you experience a supportive work environment?


The onboarding and training programs helped us to get to work. Our colleagues, supervisors, and partners were available to help.  

SCG encourages open communication and supports professional growth. Most interns found the culture and work environment supportive. 

Regular check-ins with management and within various units fostered collaboration among interns.


What were some initiatives that made the internship a memorable experience for you?


Some interns helped with organizing happy hour, which not only provided them with a delightful and educational experience but also fostered networking and collaboration among staff, offering a much-needed break from work fatigue. 

Interestingly, when asked about their most cherished moments, a considerable number of interns mentioned the end-of-year party and the ethics training as the standout experiences.

An intern said, “The number of training sessions and resources invested, despite the duration of the internship, was commendable.”


How would you summarize your experience from the internship?


Understudying experienced professionals and gaining practical knowledge is the most important takeaways for some interns.

Training sessions–we had regulation training sessions covering technical, career building, communication, ethics, and goal setting. 




The internship had a profound impact on our personal development. We developed technical knowledge, skills, and confidence. The career discussions are helping us to think about how to develop our careers.

It confirms SCG’s commitment to employees and fostering a culture of excellence and continuous development.


Irene Owusu-Korankye/Nana Anyina Cudjoe


wex program