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When Is Your Foreign Business Taxable in Ghana?

Your foreign business is taxable in Ghana when you have a permanent establishment in Ghana. When an entity does business across borders, it must deal with how the countries in which it operates will tax the income it makes. Countries regulate the right to tax through Double Tax Agreements (DTAs). To tax a foreign entity, […]

Tax Documents: How Long Must You Keep Them?

Discard tax documents before the retention period ends and you could be in trouble with the GRA. But you must confront your paper mountain that is taking up much-needed space. Before you do that, read on. What are tax documents? A tax document provides information to help the GRA to assess your tax. Examples of […]

Personal Income Tax Returns: Know The Basics

Under Ghana tax laws, you must file a personal income tax return for each year of assessment. A year of assessment is the tax year in which you make the income. Read on to understand what a personal income tax return is, and what goes in, so you file personal income tax returns that are […]

Who Will Tax Your Income?

Are you a foreign national working in a country other than your home country? Or, you are a Ghanaian national, but you earn income outside Ghana. Who will tax your income? It depends on your tax residence. Your tax residence settles which countries can tax you. BASIS OF TAXATION If you are resident in Ghana […]

Need To Open A Bank Account? Or Register A Car? You Need A Tax Identification Number!

From 1st April 2018, you can no longer open a bank account, register a vehicle or do business with the Ghana Government if you do not have a Tax Identification Number (TIN). A Tax Identification Number is required for carrying out business transactions, but this has not been enforced in the past. The Ghana Revenue […]