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Withholding Tax Challenges: What You Can Do To Mitigate?

If you have ever dealt with Ghana’s withholding tax system, you know it a costly and hassle filled experience! If you do not know what withholding tax is, and what to expect after they withhold taxes, you are in for a painful experience. In this blog, we discuss the withholding challenges, and what you can […]


The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) finds that many companies do not file transfer pricing return. If you do not file transfer pricing returns you will pay a penalty. Yet, many people are unaware of the Transfer Pricing Regulation. Others are aware but unsure whether they must file such returns. In this article we show who […]

Who Will Tax Your Income?

Are you a foreign national working in a country other than your home country? Or, you are a Ghanaian national, but you earn income outside Ghana. Who will tax your income? It depends on your tax residence. Your tax residence settles which countries can tax you. BASIS OF TAXATION If you are resident in Ghana […]

How to Get a Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) Without Any Hassle

Do you know that, at some point, you’ll need a tax clearance certificate to carry out certain transactions? Don’t leave it too late! To avoid the hassle of getting a Tax Clearance Certificate when you need it, prepare well ahead of time. So, what do you need to do to prepare? Read on to find […]

Need To Open A Bank Account? Or Register A Car? You Need A Tax Identification Number!

From 1st April 2018, you can no longer open a bank account, register a vehicle or do business with the Ghana Government if you do not have a Tax Identification Number (TIN). A Tax Identification Number is required for carrying out business transactions, but this has not been enforced in the past. The Ghana Revenue […]

Surviving A Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) Tax Audit

Every so often, the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) may conduct an audit of a taxpayer. And the typical reaction when a taxpayer gets a notice of an audit is anxiety, and sometimes fear. That is perfectly understandable. However, the best way to combat this is preparation. Start by arranging your affairs on an ongoing basis, […]