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Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

During the lockdown, businesses could not work because they did not have tech tools suitable for working offsite. The experience drove home a reality of today; without computerizing your business, you cannot compete. Many businesses plan to install tech tools so their staff can work from any location. Cloud computing gives small businesses a cost-effective […]

Moving to Cloud Payroll Software – An Associate Shares Her Experience

I am a payroll associate in the payroll unit of SCG Chartered Accountants. I am also the technology champion of the payroll unit. We were running trials of the cloud payroll software when the lockdown came abruptly. But for the cloud payroll software, we would have struggled to run clients’ payrolls on time during the […]

A Simple Framework for thinking about your business

People often ask me, “how do you see the year going? Will it be a good year or a bad year?” I respond with a shrug and say, “Whether it’s a good year or a bad year for everyone else, we’ll make it a great one for us.” This is the message I gave my […]

Moving to cloud-based technology for your business? Here’s why you should be excited

Many Ghanainan SME business owners and finance people I speak to about moving accounting to cloud-based technology are often apprehensive about the change. They are particularly concerned about security and cite that as a reason not to consider cloud options. Many others are not aware of the existence of cloud technology. While I completely understand […]

Why Xero Silver Status Changed Our Lives… And Why It Can Change Yours Too!

Here at SCG, we believe that cloud technology can significantly improve all aspects of a business, no matter its size. It can improve efficiency, increase competitiveness, and enable companies to operate on a global scale. And thanks to the cloud, SMEs can access a treasure trove of real-time data that, with the right level of […]