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Multi-Factor Authentication Block 99.9% Online Attacks

Cyber criminals are out to steal your online identity. They are interested in your bank account, organization’s computing systems, emails and social media contacts. Usernames and passwords are not enough to stop your online account being hacked. A strong password is just a first step in securing your accounts. Cybercriminals with the right tools and […]

Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

During the lockdown, businesses could not work because they did not have tech tools suitable for working offsite. The experience drove home a reality of today; without computerizing your business, you cannot compete. Many businesses plan to install tech tools so their staff can work from any location. Cloud computing gives small businesses a cost-effective […]

Cyber Security Tips for Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you might think your business is not a target for a cyber-attack. Your business is as much a target as the big businesses. The criminals know that small businesses have weaker defenses, so you are in their sight.  What is at risk for your business? Sensitive data such as strategy, […]

Buying Computers and Software? To Avoid a Lemon, Consider These Factors

Buying computers and software for small businesses that work is a nightmare for Ghanaian Businesses. Yet, if they want to be efficient and competitive, they can’t avoid computerizing. We know businesses that use Information Technology (IT) are more efficient, use fewer people, save money and capture data for analysis to better run the business. Nowadays, […]

Free public Wi-Fi is convenient – but did you know it’s risky?

We’re using our mobile phones, tablets, and computers for entertainment, knowledge and to run our businesses. To use these devices on-the-go, anywhere, anytime, we also need access to the internet. In short, we need Wi-Fi wherever we are. Our need for Wi-Fi makes those free Wi-Fi connections in a public space a convenience we simply […]

How to protect yourself against computer viruses

It has never been more important to guard your business against the threat of computer viruses. In fact, in 2017 alone, a new type of malware emerged every 4.2 SECONDS. What is a computer virus? In short, it’s a malicious software that can damage or disable computer systems or your phone or tablet. It can […]