Why Xero Silver Status Changed Our Lives… And Why It Can Change Yours Too!

Here at SCG, we believe that cloud technology can significantly improve all aspects of a business, no matter its size.

It can improve efficiency, increase competitiveness, and enable companies to operate on a global scale.

And thanks to the cloud, SMEs can access a treasure trove of real-time data that, with the right level of analysis, can provide insights into a whole host of important business areas.

For these reasons – and many more, which we’ll touch upon below – we adopted Xero as our preferred accounting platform in 2015. What’s more, we’re also investing in complementary cloud tools, such as Receipt Bank, and improving our own technological infrastructure.

This commitment to deploying cloud-based technology meant we obtained Xero Silver status in a relatively short space of time. Doing so changed our lives – and it can change yours too.

What is Xero Silver Status?

The Xero partner programme is a certification that is designed to show levels of competency and expertise when using the Xero platform.

There are currently 5 status levels:

  1. Partner
  2. Bronze
  3. Silver – We are here
  4. Gold
  5. Platinum

We are currently the only Silver status partner in West Africa.

What Does It Mean For Us?

Attaining the Silver partner status was a recognition of our ongoing efforts to introduce cloud accounting to our clients, and in an environment that is less than ideal.

Many small and medium-sized enterprises in Ghana have inadequate accounting systems. As it’s almost impossible to grow a sustainable business without a good accounting system, many of these businesses are set up to fail.

And a significant number of small businesses are not employing IT to improve their business operations full stop.

Just some of the reasons we’ve heard for not employing a good accounting system include:

  • Cost of hiring an appropriate accountant is off putting.
  • Setting up and maintaining an accounting system is deemed to be expensive.
  • Entrepreneurs believe they can run their business without an accounting system.

So, what does our Silver partner status mean for you? Well, we are now well-placed to help Ghanaian SMEs overcome challenges and misconceptions such as those listed above by introducing a robust cloud accounting solution.

Xero – and other complementary cloud tools – enable small and medium businesses to build cost effective and scalable accounting systems.

Benefit From Our Know-how

We can help you take your first steps towards introducing cloud accounting to your business. When you do, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  • A clear, real-time overview of your current financial position.
  • Multi-user access to collaborate online with team members and advisors.
  • Seamless updates and streamlined processes.
  • Incredibly in-depth and insightful financial reporting.

Xero is easy to setup and easy to use, and it allows us to work collaboratively with our clients. You’ll have access to our team of accounting and tax experts when you need guidance or advice.

It also boasts a comprehensive marketplace full of apps and tools designed to solve specific business problems. From inventory management and CRM to Point of Sale and time tracking, apps can integrate with Xero to create an end-to-end business solution. This means you can achieve a level of efficiency and automation that is not possible with manual accounting systems.

Our knowledge and understanding of Xero – as evidenced by our partner status – means we have the skills to deploy the necessary cloud tools for SMEs in Ghana. We can help you streamline your business, do more with less, and make your business more profitable and competitive.

Take Your Business to the Cloud with SCG

The big question when it comes to cloud accounting will always be: How much does it cost?

But the truth is, the cost of deploying a cloud-based platform such as Xero is much lower than the in-house equivalent. Everything is online, so there’s no hardware to install on-site, and your data is backed up automatically.

No matter where you are in your business journey, we can help you make sense of your financial data by ensuring you have access to the information you need. And as your business grows, we can introduce more features to support that growth.

So, if you’d like to find out more about the cloud, Xero, and SCG, contact us today.