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Ghanian Accountants, Our SMEs Need You to up Your Game

GHANAIAN ACCOUNTANTS, OUR SMES NEED YOU TO UP YOUR GAME “It is important to get an insight into business in times like these to make the right decisions” – Abdul Kalmoni, CEO of PC Trucks. PC Trucks use XERO, a cloud accounting software. Mr. Kalmoni came to us because he was not getting reliable information […]

Implementing Accounting Software Without Expert Help

Businesses use financial data to judge how they are doing and decide what to do. But accounting is a chore. So, it is no surprise that more small businesses are using accounting software. We notice that they are implementing the software without expert help. The major reason they give is that expert help is expensive. […]

Move with the times, or face losing your business

I work in Ridge Tower, in the financial district of Accra, Ghana. Ridge Tower is a high-rise building housing a bank, a leading property management company and some departments of the Social Security and National Insurance Trust. Around my office, you will find more high-rise buildings housing more banks, insurance companies, and other major enterprises. […]