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Why You Need a Financial Close Plan

If you struggle to issue timely financial statements, or your financial statement falls apart under scrutiny, you need a financial close process and a close plan. In the blog titled You need a close-process, we discussed the financial close process, and gave examples of close activities. To close the books accurately and on time, a […]

To Issue Accurate Financial Statements, You Need a Close Process

Financial statements provide useful financial information about the reporting entity to existing and potential investors, lenders, and other creditors for decision making. As a financial statement captures the financial effect of all activities carried out in the business, the accountant must coordinate with different parts of the business to get accurate and timely information to […]

Excel or Accounting Software, Which Accounting Tool Should I Use?

There are two groups where this question rages: start-ups and businesses which do not invest in the tools their accountants need. Start-ups At start-up, the priority of the business is to find clients and generate the cash they need to invest and grow the business. The business is small, and the owners run the business […]