The Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) is a public trust. It manages Ghana’s Basic National Social Security Scheme.

In this brief blog post, we explain which documents you need for registration, how to register, and what happens if you do not register.

Is SSNIT Registration Mandatory?

Yes! A company must register with SSNIT within thirty (30) days of starting operations.

Documents Required For Registration

The company must present the following documents:

  • Certificate to Commence business
  • Company’s Regulations
  • Tax Identification Number for the company/ business entities
  • Profile of Directors or Local Managers
  • Copies of the Directors’ or Local Manager’s valid ID (e.g. Voter’s ID, passport, driver’s license)
  • Directions to Taxpayer’s Premises using the Ghana Post (GPS).
  • List of employees with their SSNIT numbers, basic salaries, and contributions.

How to Register

  1. Book an appointment at the nearest SSNIT office.
  2. Take the required documents to the nearest office.
  3. The SSNIT officer will fill a form with the required details and examine the documents. He will then process the application if everything is in order.
  4. After processing, SSNIT will send the following to the company:
    1. A confirmation letter with the company’s registration number; and
    2. A certificate of membership to signify registration.

Failure to Register

SSNIT will prosecute any employer who does not register.

Written by Abigail Peters

Abigail is an associate in the payroll unit of SCG Chartered Accountants