My Experience as a Data Analytics Intern At SCG

Data analytics intern

I am Emefa Ledi, an aspiring data analyst. I joined the SCG Work Experience as an intern in the data analytics unit. In this article, I share my experience of work culture, adapting to the industry and career development at SCG. 

About me

Emefa Ledi
Emefa Ledi

I graduated from KNUST (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology) with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. After completing school, I worked as an IT (Information Technology) assistant at Nexans for my national service and moved on to two other roles with different organizations. 

I applied to join in SCG in 2021, but I was unsuccessful. Although I failed on the first attempt, the experience whipped up my interest in SCG. After a year, I reapplied, this time better prepared, using the questions I had struggled with in the previous interview as a guide. 

In the interval, I took the Google data analytics professional certification and honed my skills in Excel, Power BI, and data storytelling, creating my portfolio along the way.

SCG experience

My SCG experience started with the onboarding program, which was held in the training room. I found the process informative, practical, and interactive. The sessions exposed us to all business units and helped us to understand the organization’s vision. In the data unit, I trained on their tools and processes to enable me to do my work.

The work culture at SCG is progressive and fosters a keen sense of mentorship. Senior members of the firm are happy to share their wisdom and experience. In my unit, different people, including junior members of the team, lead the business meeting. They encourage us to take the initiative in re-engineering business processes, among other responsibilities. 

SCG operates a hybrid work model in which most people work some days in the office and at home. This enables a bit of balance between professional and personal lives. The environment is fast-paced and encourages a lifelong learning mindset among employees. 


I took part in an introductory accounting course. Prior to this, I had limited knowledge of accounting, but thanks to the course, I am now confident in working with financial datasets, cleaning, analyzing, and interpreting analytical findings.

I actively seek feedback from my manager and colleagues in my unit on my work and areas I must improve. I also ask them to recommend books and courses I can use to expand my knowledge. The feedback from the auditors I work with also helps me identify areas to improve.

SCG believes that developing strong data analytics skills will help it deliver better value to its clients and help differentiate it from the competition. As part of this initiative, SCG has adopted MindBridge AI for analyzing data presented for audit. It has made detecting risks and anomalies in an audit more efficient. Both auditors and data analysts use this tool to improve audit services.

With the resources and training sessions provided by SCG and MindBridge AI, I can now use the tool effectively to support the audit team with analytical tests. 

Embedding the use of data in the firm is a journey. The attitude of the firm is to continue to improve the use of data and expand data literacy within the firm. 

Key takeaways

For aspiring data analysts: 

  • Continuously seek opportunities to enhance both your technical and soft skills. 
  • Ask for feedback.
  • Embrace a growth mindset and be open to change.
  • Pursue your goals with determination and tenacity.

For businesses:

  • Recognize that your employees are an asset to your organization.
  • Be comfortable integrating technology into your business.
  • Engage your employees in the process of re-engineering and improving business processes.


My experience at SCG has been both enlightening and challenging. The environment challenges me to overcome anxiety and develop my potential. I also get counseling on building a career. I am glad to be a part of the SCG experience.