My Experience as Data Analytics Intern at SCG!!

My name is Daniel Adamah. I am a data analytics intern at SCG. I am interested in data analytics because it is of growing importance to business.

About me

I have a degree in actuarial science and did national service in the Actuarial department of SSNIT. After national service, I took data analysis courses and learned to clean and analyze data, the basics of SQL and how to use Power BI.

My journey at SCG began in November 2021, and although I haven’t been here long, I am excited with the working experience and how much I have learned. An important part of a working experience is the people. At SCG we have good working relations with each other. They warmly welcomed me into the SCG family and felt at home almost immediately.


It was easy to build relationships with my colleagues, making my work experience a pleasant one. The managers and seniors here relate freely with other employees. I am comfortable voicing my opinions and I am given the freedom to communicate any work issues I encounter.

My time here has shown me the value of working in a positive environment and having good working relationships. My communication skills have improved, and I have learned to work independently as well as collaborate within a team.


SCG takes training and developing employees seriously. Since I started working here, I have taken part in various training programs. I have learned to use Mindbridge AI, an analytic software that uses AI to help auditors assess risk. I have seen at first-hand how the use of data analytics affects the audit approach and outcomes.

I now use MindBridge and data analytics to help the auditors assess risk, select samples, and perform various tests. Working with experienced auditors at SCG is teaching me how auditing is done, and I am learning the fundamentals of accounting. I have improved skills, such as data cleaning, data visualization, data management and data security, which are vital to the work of data analysts.

Career thinking

I am given room to make and learn from my mistakes, improve myself, and grow. You’ll often hear this quote in the office, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road can take you there”. They encourage people to plan and build careers intentionally. I understand the importance of having goals to achieve in my career. The learning culture at SCG is helping me work towards achieving my goals.

I hope to work in finance and analytics one day. I believe that accounting knowledge and data analytics skills will give me an advantage.

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