GRA Is Digitizing Tax Services; Will It Make Life Easier?

Doing business with GRA is a pain! Remember your frustrations with GRA? What about documents that get lost over and over? Or tax files that are incomplete or lost! How about enquiries that nobody at GRA bothers to respond to?

GRA just made a big promise that this era is over! It is digitizing tax services with its Integrated Tax Application Preparation Systems (iTaPS) to make your “tax life” easier.

What is iTaPs? What can you do with it? How must you prepare to get the most out of it? In this article we discuss the Personal Income Tax Return of iTaPS that GRA launched in April 2019.

iTaPS Initiative

When the Commissioner General (GRA) launched iTaPS in April 2019 he said, “GRA is going High-tech, and we require the nation to comply with and support us because this will reduce cost of operations for GRA such as printing manual materials or documents and bring improvement in processes and procedures.”

Integrated Tax Application Preparation Systems (iTaPS) is an app that enables taxpayers to access GRA’s services online.

What can you do with iTaPS?

iTaPS allows taxpayers to:

  • Fileannualtax returns online (companies, Partnership and Individuals)
  • Apply for Tax Clearance Certificates.
  • Generate Withholding Tax Credit Certificates.
  • Generate VAT Withholding Tax Credit Certificates.
  • File Monthly & Annual PAYE returns
  • Apply for Personal Tax reliefs

When does this start?

The GRA launched the Personal Income Tax module of iTaPS in April 2019, and it is now available to the public. With it, you can complete a Personal Income Tax (PIT) return online. You can report income from all sources–employment, investment and business; expenses, reliefs and more, from the comfort of your office.

The GRA will add more services to the portal in the coming months. There will be a module for Corporate Income Tax. With that, you can file corporate income tax returns, annual estimates, apply for a tax clearance certificate, and generate your own tax credit certificates online.

How do you set up?

Below is a step-by-step approach to setting yourself up on iTaPS:

  • Visit the GRA online portal
  • On the online quick tools click on the iTaPS tab
  • Then click on Login
  • This takes you to the iTaPS homepage.
  • Input your Tax Identification Number (TIN) and password to log in.

Take away

  • iTaPs, a tool to file personal income tax returns and apply for various certificates is now available to the public. If it lives up to its promise, it should save time and make it easier to do business with GRA.
  • To use the tool, you must learn how it works and prepare for its implementation.
  • GRA is digitizing tax to benefit you. You must prepare your processes to work with iTaPS.

How we can help you

You have a problem? Computerize, and bingo, you solve it! This is a common belief. At SCG, we know from implementing IT solutions in our business that this is not true.

To get the most from ITaPs, you must change your process and train on iTaPS. SCG provides expert tax compliance and advisory services. With SCG by your side, you can save time and money, and take advantage of iTaPS.

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