My SCG Story – Teni

My name is Teni Agana, a final year student of Ashesi University, majoring in business administration. I was an intern in the Client Advisory Service (CAS). I choose to work at SCG because I am aspiring to join the Accounting industry in the future and this opportunity was a good stepping stone for my long-term goals. At Ashesi, I have taken courses in accounting and finance, such as Financial Accounting, Introduction to Finance, investment and Managerial Accounting. I choose to intern at SCG because it will provide me with the opportunity to apply the knowledge of accounting and finance gained in the classroom to the real world, as well as a chance to experience an environment of teamwork and strong networks.

Most importantly, the world is changing to the use of software and the accounting industries are also changing to the use of software. This means the traditional way of entering accounting transaction has changed, of which I have not had the chance to learn at school. SCG is one of the auditing firms that uses software’s for their accounting, payroll, tax and auditing transactions to create value for their Clients. Interning with SCG would help me to learn more about these types of software, like XERO, CSV, XPR.

So far, my experience has been amazing, tiring and a lot of learning. SCG is not like other internships. I’ve learnt new things daily since I started my internship. At SCG, interns go through two weeks intensive training and learning and do real stuff. Also, the interesting trait I noticed is that when a visitor gets to SCG, it will be difficult to distinguish an intern from a regular employee. This is because we are all treated equally and the staff members are also friendly. This place is so amazing that I sometimes forgot I had to go home.

One thing I will miss when I leave SCG is XERO. I consider Xero to be simply, amazing and beautiful. I am actually planning on writing my Thesis at school on Xero. I want the world to see how amazing the software is and what it can provide. I will also miss the staff, they are incredible and helpful. I will also miss Suministros De Comercio Exterior, (SUCOMEX); a client I have been working.

At SCG, I have learnt so so much. I have come to appreciate the power of software and I have come to a realization that the accounting industry is changing to the use of software, but not the traditional debiting and crediting. I am now certain that I want to be a Chartered Accountant.

Also on some Fridays, all workers and interns in SCG review articles and books which intend to help our personal and career developments. We come together to discuss and share practical experiences, which has indirectly helped my growth. Through this meeting, I have realized that we don’t make the right decisions because they are easy, cheap or popular but because they are right and necessary and with a positive attitude, one can go far in life.

During my time at SCG, I have enjoyed many benefits ranging from allowance, great lunch and training. But the one thing I will never forge is the session we had in line to help me to identify myself, my capabilities as well as my abilities. SCG invited Kolbe from South Africa to assess it employees and as usual, the interns were not left out. Kolbe is an organization that uses Index to measures a person’s instinctive method of operation (M.O.) and identifies the ways they will be most productive. It also measures an individual’s perception of their own job responsibilities. This training did not only help me to identify myself as a person but it has also helped to identify what I will love and enjoy doing in the future.

Finally, my two-month internship has been great and I have actually learnt more than I expected, which is a good thing because it has opened my eyes to the way the world works. I am very certain that SCG is a place I want work after my graduation. It’s a place I will grow, because there is a lot to learn every single day.