My experience at SCG – Felix

My name is Felix Twum Adu, a recent graduate of Ashesi University College. I heard about SCG through Ashesi’s annual career fair where a number of companies come to interact with students, advertise and offer various career opportunities. During this year’s career fair, I had the chance to interact with Mr. George Katako (SCG Partner) who threw more light on the operations of the firm and the kind of people they are looking out for. From the interaction, it seemed like a very good place to start an accounting career, for which reason I applied to intern with the firm.

My internship with SCG Chartered Accountants has so far been a pleasant and a goal-oriented one. I worked with the Clients’ Account Services (CAS), the department in charge of bookkeeping and accounting for clients. With daily tasks such as the preparations of Value Added Tax(VAT) and Withholding Tax(WHT) schedules for clients, raising of bills and bank reconciliation adjustments, I came to better appreciate the practicality of theories over my 4-year Business Administration degree course. Being introduced to an accounting software, Xero, was also a new dimension for me.

In my short stay here, the hospitality has also been great. All the employees have been nice and friendly, thus making the work environment a relaxed one for me. Each week, there is a requirement to submit a report comprising of the activities I’ve performed and lessons learnt. This served as some form of compellation to pick as much as I can in terms of skills and learning and become a better version of myself. One big takeaway for me is the real accounting experience of keeping a proper set of books for clients. I can only imagine how much accounting experience I could have gained if I were to stay here for even a year.

Speaking of the things I’ll miss, the free lunch will definitely find itself on the list; not to mention the monthly allowance also, which stands highest, among previous internships I’ve done. The serene and friendly environment and people is also something I will cherish after my stay here. I have not regretted applying here and I don’t think I will, by the end of my internship period. As a young graduate awaiting national service, I believe the time between my completion of school and the commencement of national service has been well spent. Thanks to SCG.