Why a bond?


Why a bond?
In 2017, we reluctantly introduced a bond as part of our conditions for offering a 4-year training contract. We will not offer a training contract without a bond.
Our success is determined by the quality of our people, so we put a great deal of effort into trying to attract the right candidates. We also make considerable investment in providing the resources and support to enable our associates to develop a strong foundation for long-term success in a career in accounting.

How did we get here?

In the past, we would recruit individuals from a variety of backgrounds on a four-year contract, on the understanding that we had four years to provide significant and valuable training. This is because in the first two years, most trainees are still trying to find their feet. It is only in the third and fourth years that they begin to take control and become productive.

We are very aware that, with each passing year of experience, the value of our trainees in the market increases. Most corporations don't invest in organized training of accounting and finance staff, preferring to recruit externally as they can afford to make very tempting offers. Inevitably, we lose trainees before the four years are over-cashing in on the value we have played a large part in creating.

Investing in training and failing to see the benefits of that investment very quickly became unsustainable. While we refused to stop our training programme (doing so would be the quickest way to mediocrity), we had to find a way to protect our investment and ensure we see the benefits.

The bond is our response

We believe SCG is a great place for people who wish to build a strong foundation for a long and successful career in accounting. Such people understand that the quality of your training affects the type of accountant you become. They also understand that the various certification bodies require 3 to 4 years of qualifying experience to become a member. For such people, a bond is not a problem; with or without it, their aim is to meet the experience requirements and receive a high standard of training.

Our bond is therefore designed to weed out those who like the idea of becoming an accountant, but do not possess the determination and cannot persevere.

What is a bond?

In law, a bond is a written promise to perform an act upon the occurrence or nonoccurrence of a specific act or the passage of a specified amount of time, or in lieu, to pay or forfeit money1. Bonding is quite common in Human Resource Management here in Ghana. It is used by employers when they must make a significant investment in developing people, in order to protect the investment and ensure they get its benefits. They've learned from bitter experience that employees will walk away with valuable training and experience, without giving them the benefit of the investment.

Our goal is to attract the right type of people and give them the opportunity to learn and gain industry experience. We are not interested in cashing out a bond but we will act, if we must. Our bond is designed to identify those without a strong purpose and the character to persevere in the face of the challenges they'll encounter during their training and work.

What we offer

If you have followed developments in the profession, you will be aware that accountants are waking up to a realization that technology will take over the routine process-based activities in the next five to ten years.

You will therefore need to develop a different set of skills, and to further specialize to survive in that world. At SCG, we are keeping an eye on those developments, and actively looking to reposition the firm. We will help you to understand the requirements of the future and take that into account in planning your career.

Training Modern Accountants

Modern accounting is driven by computers. They enhance our capacity, but also make demands. You won't be effective if you can't deploy and control information technology. To be effective, you need some appreciation of databases, networks, and cybersecurity. We'll help you to understand some of the basic concepts and encourage you to dig in a bit more deeply on your own, especially for those who are not scared of technology.

We are also building a sophisticated IT infrastructure using the latest tools. You will come to have an appreciation of cloud tools and its potential for streamlining and scaling any business. This is being done by young accountants and other professionals in the firm who make time to learn and implement IT tools. You will build a high degree of comfort and
confidence with technology and understand how to use IT effectively.

An Environment for Learning

These are just snippets of the things the collective team at SCG is doing. It is not reserved for a select few. All you need is commitment, a willingness to invest time in projects that are not your regular daily job, and an understanding that such involvement builds skills that give you a competitive advantage.

However, SCG alone can't make you a top professional accountant. Only you can make that happen. What we can do is provide an effective learning environment, and direct and indirect support to help you lay a good foundation.

We do this in many different ways :

  • We define your roadmap–How do you build the basis of an effective career? What is important? What forces are driving change? What sort of skills must you cultivate to be competitive? We understand these elements, and can help you to understand them too.
  • We provide direct financial support.
  • We expose you to a range of working tools and learning materials.
  • We expose you to mentors who work hard to maintain their competence and deliver good results. They are consummate professionals, committed to learning, doing and converting theory into practice.
  • We give you the opportunity to work with and learn from a variety of clients.

Goals (Yours and Ours)

Our goal is to build a strong, profitable business. And you are an important part of that effort.

Your goal should be to effectively learn and put into practice the skills that will sustain you over a 30 -40 year career. Ultimately, this should be a career where you remain relevant throughout, taking on work that you enjoy, working with people you respect, and earning an income that reflects your skill and experience.

These types of careers are built intentionally over a long period of time. You should constantly ask
and seek to answer these questions:

"Can I do it on my own? Can I sustain it? Can I adapt and stay competitive?"

It is your responsibility to ensure you can deliver, adapt and stay relevant. We will help you develop that mindset.

So, if you are looking for a small firm environment that provides quality training and experience, SCG is the place for you. If you are looking for a firm that is striving to win and grow by delivering high value services backed by deep theory and delivered with the help of technology, you’ve found it.

This is not an easy place to work. From partner to juniors, we drive ourselves hard and we’ll drive you very hard too.
Choose us only if you have a strong purpose and determination; want to be the best you can be; and build a career that spans 30–40 years.

If you have the attributes that we seek, you must sign a bond. That is your promise to honor your side of the contract. And we will do everything in our power to meet and keep our side.

We look forward to hearing from you,
George Katako
1 http://www.yourdictionary.com/bond#uOE2k4bqUiQJCuwRr.99

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