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Case Study: SCG uses Mindbridge to improve client value


At SCG, we use MindBridge AI, an artificial intelligence and machine learning audit platform that enables auditors to implement data analytics on their audits. MindBridge published a case study on our use of MindBridge in May 2022. This article summarises the article and includes a link to download the full case study. Factors that led […]

Important Tax Law Changes – effective January 2023

Highlights of assented tax policies from 2023 Budget Statement. The government of Ghana outlined tax policy measures in the 2023 Budget statement. The proposed policy was brought into effect when the Parliament of Ghana assented Value Added Tax (Amendment) (N0 2) Act 2022 (Act 1087) and Electronic Transfer Levy (Amendment) Act 2022 (Act 1089). In […]

On a Career Journey Without a Map

This year we started career discussions in SCG Chartered Accountants. The initial focus is on people at different stages of the certification exams, but we will make it an annual practice across the firm. We have discussed careers with 10 people at various stages of the certification exams. The areas we covered in the discussions […]

The Economy is Tough: This is How Your Business Can Survive

The Government of Ghana went to the IMF and signaled that the economy is struggling. We are in for a prolonged period of economic difficulty. Inflation is high, the cedi is falling, and prices keep going up. Running a business in this environment can be very challenging. So, what can you do to your improve […]


What’s our purpose? Our purpose is to use our knowledge in our area of expertise to provide solutions to businesses. Work context According to the ACCA, the principal forces driving change in the twenties are digitization, regulation, and stakeholder expectation. Stakeholders expect more business oriented and forward-looking information. At SCG, we accept these forces bring […]

Ghanian Accountants, Our SMEs Need You to up Your Game

GHANAIAN ACCOUNTANTS, OUR SMES NEED YOU TO UP YOUR GAME “It is important to get an insight into business in times like these to make the right decisions” – Abdul Kalmoni, CEO of PC Trucks. PC Trucks use XERO, a cloud accounting software. Mr. Kalmoni came to us because he was not getting reliable information […]

Implementing Accounting Software Without Expert Help

Businesses use financial data to judge how they are doing and decide what to do. But accounting is a chore. So, it is no surprise that more small businesses are using accounting software. We notice that they are implementing the software without expert help. The major reason they give is that expert help is expensive. […]

What Beliefs Underpin Your Entrepreneurial Journey? These are mine

In the next 10 years, I and most of my partners will retire from SCG Chartered Accountants. To prepare for that, we’ve started working on succession. A lot of the work revolves around improving our HR process, identifying and placing people on the path to leadership. A part of that process also involves sharing our […]


My post VAT has generated over 11,900 views. The post hit a nerve – concerns about the amount of tax and the workings of the VAT system. Many of the commentators noted that the telecommunications companies calculate VAT on Communication Service Tax (CST), GET Fund Levy (GETFL) and the National Health Insurance Levy (NHIL). So, […]

How Much Will the Audit Cost?

“How much will the audit cost? It is a fair question, but our response will be, “to give you a quote we need to know a bit about your business.” So, what factors go into deciding how much the audit will cost? The auditor’s constraints Audit and accounting standards control the auditor’s work. Whichever approach […]